Find new customers with AI-powered audiences

Lower CPAs and improve digital advertising performance by 30%+ with AI Audiences built for DTC.

Finally, a better way to reach new customers

We’ve cracked the code to advertising in a post-iOS 14.5 world

Simply put, we combine first-party data with machine learning to build high-intent audiences that help increase your ROI on ad spend, so you can scale profitably.

Lower CPAs
Higher ROAS
Higher AOV
More conversions
Improved ad efficiency
Predictive targeting algorithm


See how SolaWave lowered their Facebook CPA by 32%
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“Proxima is the best and only audience solution that has worked for us to date.”

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Matteo Tunioli
Digital Marketing Manager @ SolaWave

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Unlock profitable growth with data intelligence

Reach high-intent shoppers on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok with breakthrough ad targeting tools.

More data, sharper decisions

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Tap into our ever-growing universe of rich, first-party data from 55M+ eCom shoppers across $10B in online sales to enhance ad targeting signals.

Expand your reach

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Plug-and-play targeting tech enriches and refines your top-of-funnel strategy by identifying key intent signals and building high-intent audiences.

Scale ads with confidence

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Access all the tools and support you need to develop a data-driven digital advertising strategy that scales profitably.

Drive more revenue

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Reduce customer acquisition costs, improve return on ad spend, and outperform your best prospecting strategies.

Predictive algorithms

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Leverage machine learning and AI targeting to create more effective prospecting campaigns and reach shoppers who are ready to buy.

No-code setup

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Get started in one click. Our AI does the rest. We’ll deliver AI Audiences right to your ad account. No technical expertise required.

The results say it all

Proxima customers scale ads with confidence and achieve results that haven't been seen since pre-iOS 14.5. We'll help you acquire more customers and improve ad performance so you can scale profitably.

We built this solution to solve our own challenges, and we're committed to giving brands the tools and guidance they need to get ahead. Together, we'll take the guesswork out of digital advertising.

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lower CPA
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higher ROAS
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higher AOV

Let Proxima do the heavy lifting

Proxima's AI generates hyper-targeted audiences that maximize your advertising efficiency.


Pinpoint the right customers

We'll start by conducting targeting experiments that calibrate Proxima’s algorithm to identify people more likely to buy your products and then build high-intent audiences for prospecting.

Phase 2: Scale

Scale your ads with confidence

The algorithm gets smarter as you go, optimizing your best-fit audiences to sustain performance at scale and achieve your highest revenue potential.

Return on ad spend chart showcasing superior Proxima performance compared to in-house prospecting
Phase 3: Accelerate

Unlock a universe of untapped shoppers

Continuously generate new target audiences, expand your reach, and measure the impact of your strategy with expert guidance and resources.

Data done right

Proxima's proprietary database provides a robust view of aggregated engagement and transactional data in a protected ecosystem with end-to-end encryption and rigorous security protocols.

You can scale your marketing confidently knowing that customer data is securely anonymized, hashed, and never sold.

Unique US-based shopper personas
First-party data integrations
Daily data points

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Reach new customers and unlock more efficient advertising spend with machine learning.

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