Scale your marketing efficiently

Proxima's predictive data intelligence lowers acquisition costs and increases customer LTV so you can grow your business profitably.

“Proxima is our secret tool to profitable marketing and lower CAC. When we leaned into their audiences instead of Facebook's in-platform targeting, NC-ROAS jumped +7.5%. Proxima audiences now account for more than 50% of Obvi's entire Meta ad spend.”

Ash Melwani
CMO & Co-Founder @ Obvi

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AI Audiences

Gain an advertising edge with AI Audiences

Maximize your ad performance with predictive audiences built from millions of commerce insights.

Build Proxima AI Audiences for paid social by selecting shopper attributes, lookalike audience size, and ad platform.

Scale ad spend without efficiency loss

Generate high-intent audiences tailored to your brand, then deploy them to your ad platform of choice.

Reach new, high AOV shoppers who are ready to buy
Target smarter with audiences built from a rich first-party data pool of 65M+ U.S. eCom shoppers
Outperform and out-scale campaigns that rely on in-platform targeting
Improve CAC and ROAS with powerful algorithms that constantly learn
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“Proxima is the best and only Meta targeting solution that has worked for us.”

Headshot of SolaWave model using skincare product

Matteo Tunioli
Digital Marketing Manager @ SolaWave

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Unlock customer LTV with tactical insights

We combine enterprise-grade analytics and benchmarks to help you make better business decisions that fuel growth.

We combine powerful analytics with generative AI to give you enterprise-grade consumer intelligence so you can make better business decisions and drive profitability at scale.

Power profitable growth with cutting-edge analytics

Get answers to key questions about your business, customers, and products.

Discover the tactics that drive best-in-class growth and retention through dynamic industry benchmarks
Learn from your most valuable cohorts, dig deeper into your customers’ shopping habits, and maximize customer lifetime value
Identify your most valuable products and lean into key offers that drive repeat purchases
Optimize around your best (and worst) new customers through network-powered consumer scoring
GPT-powered AI Assistant
coming soon
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“The Proxima team has unparalleled consumer data that has very exciting applications.”

Headshot of Charlie Denby Director of Growth at Canopy

Charlie Denby
Director of Growth @ Canopy

As seen in...

Customer growth stories

Top eCommerce brands scale further and faster with Proxima.

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How C4 Energy scaled its Meta ads +50% and lowered CPAs by -20% with Proxima's AI Audiences

How C4 scaled Meta ads +50% and lowered CPAs by -20% with AI Audiences

By leveraging Proxima's predictive intelligence, Obvi scaled far beyond Advantage+... profitably.
How The Noli Shop drives 59% higher ROAS on Meta with Proxima

How The Noli Shop drives 59% higher ROAS and 37% lower CPA on Meta

Explore how AI Audiences and customer insights helped this brand maximize their marketing.
See how BUBS Naturals unlocked the full potential of their Meta acquisition strategy

How BUBS Naturals unlocked the full potential of their Meta growth strategy

See how AI Audiences fuel a 54% ROAS lift, 10% CAC reduction, 2.8x more conversions.

Unlock profitable growth with data intelligence

Make better business decisions with industry-leading predictive intelligence.

Boost your signal

Go beyond your store's data. We analyze 65M+ eCom shoppers and $17B+ in purchases across thousands of stores.

Scale ads efficiently

Scale your ad spend by 2x+ while maintaining efficiency, without needing to test high-velocity creative to get there.

Predictive insights

Unlock hidden insights about your best customers, so you can improve customer LTV and find more just like them.
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“Using Proxima as the cornerstone of our Meta ads strategy has been a complete game changer.”

Randall Stainton President of Finn

Randall Stainton
President @ Finn

Eye-popping results

We'll help you acquire more customers--for less--and maximize marketing performance so you can scale profitably.


Profitable paid media spend unlocked


Lower CPA vs in-platform targeting


Higher ROAS vs in-platform targeting
Proxima customers reduce acquisition costs and maximize advertising performance so they can scale 2-3x more profitably and with efficiency.
Venus Et Fleur logo

“With their AI powering our campaigns, we 3x’d ad spend and saw a significant performance lift across the board compared to Advantage+.”

Nick Chadha Co-Founder of Venus et Fleur

Nick Chadha
Co-Founder @ Venus et Fleur

Your data advantage

Proxima's proprietary database provides a robust view of aggregated engagement and transactional data in a protected ecosystem with end-to-end encryption and rigorous security protocols.

You can scale your marketing confidently knowing that customer data is securely anonymized, hashed, and never sold.

Unique U.S. eCom shoppers
Network transaction volume
First-party data integrations
Proxima's Shopper Universe is comprised of network-aggregated data from thousands of eCommerce stores

Word on the street

“The Proxima team has unparalleled consumer data that has very exciting applications post iOS 14.5. Not only is the data enriching to any brand’s targeting options, the team is very experienced and diligent in funneling paid media dollars to our various goals. Proxima has a great product and their team is super easy to work with!”

Charlie Denby
Director of Growth @ Canopy

“Proxima helped us find increased incremental scale with our Meta audiences within 30 days. We’ve been able to scale up spend and efficiently acquire new, high-value customers. When Broad targeting and Advantage+ shopping campaigns reached their limits, Proxima was the tool we needed to diversify and amplify our top-of-funnel strategy.”

Howie Zisser headshot Marketing Director at Public Rec
Howie Zisser
Marketing Director @ Public Rec

"Proxima is the ONLY audience solution that works across our portfolio. Our brands are now able to scale more aggressively and consistently find new, relevant customers.”

Riley Trotter
CEO / Partner @ Homestead

“Proxima is our unique advantage to prospecting effectively. Immensely helpful, saves us time, and relieves so much second-guessing and audience fatigue. It unlocked critical efficiencies in our US market. Super easy to use and an incredibly powerful tool. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Kasper Garnell Co-Foudner & CMO at Joe & The Juice headshot
Kasper Garnell
Co-Founder & CMO @ Joe & The Juice

"In the post-iOS14 world, we had lost confidence in Facebook. But through Proxima’s audience targeting, we were able to generate more revenue on less spend."

Alex Back COO at Apt2B
Alex Back
COO @ Apt2B

“Proxima is the key to customer acquisition after Apple’s privacy shake-up. They’ve been instrumental in improving advertising efficiency and helping us find new customers to grow our business.”

Randall Stainton Head of Growth at Finn
Randall Stainton
Head of Growth @ Finn

“Proxima is the best and only Meta targeting solution that has worked for us to date. We’re very pleased with Proxima’s performance. Their custom audiences bring in new customers that we couldn’t find on our own.”

Matteo Tunioli Digital Marketing at SolaWave
Matteo Tunioli
Digital Marketing @ SolaWave

Ready to get more out of your ad spend?

Reach new customers and unlock more efficient marketing spend with predictive intelligence.

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