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AI-powered business analytics and tactical benchmarks built to help you reduce CAC and unlock LTV. Get the tools you need to make data-driven decisions and grow your business profitably.

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Proxima's Consumer Intelligence Meta Benchmarks
“Proxima's data intelligence not only tells us exactly how we stack up against our competitors, but recommends what we can do differently to create more impactful engagement with our customers and build long-term value."

Kasper Garnell
Co-Founder @ Joe & The Juice

Say hello to your new data advantage

Ditch your reliance on a time-strapped analytics team and unlock hidden insights with enterprise-grade data intelligence.

Meta Ads Benchmarks for Creative Testing Velocity Compared to Category Leading Brands

Benchmarks with benefits

See how your Meta performance stacks up to your peers and what you can do to improve. Discover the tactics that drive best-in-class growth.

Network-Powered: Stop making decisions in a vacuum. Compare KPIs anonymously and securely with similar businesses in your industry to get valuable insights on how to direct your spend and align your KPIs
Actually Actionable: Benchmarks are cool but often lacking. We'll show you what the best brands in your category are doing -- tactical insights into their campaign structure, creative testing velocity, bidding strategies, and more -- so you can take action
Meta Ads Benchmarking

Get deeper insights into your best customers

Proxima's customer analytics enable you to dig deep into your customers’ shopping habits, better understand their behavior, and maximize the value they create for your business.

Customer Insights: Get detailed reports on who your customers are, influencers they follow, stores they shop at, and much more so you can build data-driven customer retention campaigns and personalization pathways
Social Media Index: See which social platforms your audience prefers so you can meet them where they're at and better allocate your paid media budget
Business Intelligence

Business intelligence at your fingertips

Get answers to key questions about your operations, customers, and products so you can make better business decisions and drive profitability at scale.

Cohort Analysis: Learn from your most valuable cohorts, dig deeper into your customers’ shopping habits, lean into key offers that drive repeat purchases, and maximize customer lifetime value
RFM Analysis: Quantitatively identify your best customers and get a clearer picture of your customer segments to uncover key drivers around growth and retention
AI Assistant: GPT-powered
coming soon
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“The Proxima team has unparalleled consumer data that has very exciting applications.”

Charlie Denby Director of Growth at Canopy

Charlie Denby
Director of Growth @ Canopy

Why do you need Proxima Intelligence?

Make strategic decisions for your business with powerful first-party data you can trust. Proxima's enterprise-grade analytics helps brands optimize their efficiency, reduce CAC & maximize customer LTV.

Network-powered benchmarks

Stop making decisions in a vacuum. Compare KPIs anonymously and securely with similar companies in your vertical and spend level across $550M+ in ad spend.

Your competitive edge

Discover the tactics that drive best-in-class growth and retention through dynamic benchmarks and real-time insights you need to grow your brand.

Revenue-driving insights

Get answers to key questions about your business, customers, and products. Better evaluate your business health and performance.

You’re in good company

Leading eCommerce brands and agencies trust Proxima to scale profitably.

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What is Proxima?

Proxima is a predictive consumer intelligence platform.

We leverage machine learning and a rich pool of first-party data containing millions of commerce insights to help our customers optimize their efficiency, reduce cost of customer acquisition, and maximize customer lifetime value.

What Meta ads metrics does Proxima track?

We import critical KPIs from Meta, so you always understand where you stack up. Proxima gives you the entire story behind the following metrics:

-Ad Spend
-Conversion Rate
-Ad Age
-Number of Ads
-Number of Campaigns
-Number of Ad Sets
-Number of Ads per Ad Set
-Ad Set Spend to CPA Ratio

We aren’t just importing performance metrics but rather displaying them alongside real-time benchmarks from your peers, so you’ll know how you stack up against the competition with every KPI that matters to your growth.

What type of data does Proxima use?

Proxima securely leverages a combination of your store’s first-party data, your Meta performance, and our ever-expanding pool of rich, first-party data from 12k+ brand connections.

Is my data secure?

We use industry-leading security to integrate your Meta account with our platform. All data is anonymized, hashed, and securely stored.

Any data you authorize Proxima to use is anonymized. If you consent to data usage, nobody will see your exact results, but rather overall averages.

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