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Unlock more revenue with AI ad targeting 🎯

Proxima lets you easily build custom AI Audiences for Meta that maximize ad performance, reduce CAC, and scale profitably.

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“Proxima is our secret tool to profitable marketing and lower CAC. When we leaned into their audiences instead of Facebook's in-platform targeting, NC-ROAS jumped +7.5%. Proxima audiences now account for more than 50% of Obvi's entire Meta ad spend.”

Ash Melwani
CMO & Co-Founder @ Obvi

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Lower CAC vs in-platform targeting


Higher ROAS vs in-platform targeting


Revenue generated by AI Audiences
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“A game-changer for customer acquisition.”

Nick Chadha Co-Founder of Venus et Fleur

Ooshma Garg
Founder & CEO @ Gobble

Gain an advertising edge with AI Audiences

Unlock more efficient advertising spend with predictive audiences built from millions of commerce insights.

Build Proxima AI Audiences for paid social by selecting shopper attributes, lookalike audience size, and ad platform.

Scale ad spend without efficiency loss

Generate custom audiences tailored to your brand, then deploy them to your ad account.

Reach more customers who are ready to buy
Target audiences by tapping into a rich first-party data pool of 65M+ U.S. eCom shoppers
Outperform and out-scale campaigns that rely on in-platform ad targeting (even Advantage+ 👀)
Improve CAC, ROAS, and AOV with powerful algorithms that constantly learn
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“With their AI powering our campaigns, we 3x’d ad spend and saw a significant performance lift across the board compared to Advantage+.”

Nick Chadha Co-Founder of Venus et Fleur

Nick Chadha
Co-Founder @ Venus et Fleur

Why do you need AI Audiences?

Get your ads in front of higher-intent shoppers, simplify customer acquisition, and maximize results with custom audiences generated by powerful algorithms and millions of commerce signals.

Your data advantage

Your store's data isn't enough these days. We analyze 65M+ shoppers based on unique insights about their behaviors across thousands of storefronts.

Better ad performance

Deliver ads to higher-intent shoppers, with an avg +26% improvement in CPA and a +31% increase in ROAS.

Scale with efficiency

Scale your ad spend by 2x+ while maintaining efficiency, without needing to test high-velocity creative to get there.
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Not your average lookalike

Generate hyper-targeted audiences that make your ads instantly more effective and expand your reach well beyond in-platform targeting.

Pinpoint the right customers

We'll start by conducting targeting experiments to identify shoppers most likely to buy your products and then build high-intent audiences for prospecting.

Proxima's machine-learning algorithm finds shoppers who are most likely to engage with your ads and convert.

Scale your ads with confidence

The algorithm gets smarter as you go, optimizing your best-fit audiences to sustain efficiency at scale so you can maximize ad performance.

Optimize your audiences around customer shopping and conversion behaviors across Proxima's Shopper Universe, such as LTV, AOV, Frequency, and Recency.

Unlock a universe of untapped shoppers

Continuously generate new target audiences, expand your reach, and measure the impact of your strategy with expert guidance and resources.

Expand your reach on paid social by tapping into Proxima's network-powered Shopper Universe and get your ads in front of all the right customers.

Eye-popping results

We'll help you acquire more customers--for less--and maximize advertising performance so you can scale profitably.


More ad spend unlocked with Proxima


Higher ROAS vs in-platform targeting


Lower CAC vs in-platform targeting
Proxima customers reduce acquisition costs and maximize advertising performance so they can scale 2-3x more profitably and with efficiency.
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“Proxima is the best and only Meta targeting solution that has worked for us.”

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Matteo Tunioli
Digital Marketing Manager @ SolaWave

You’re in good company

Leading eCommerce brands and agencies trust Proxima to scale profitably.

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Proven performance

Real results from Proxima customers


What is Proxima?

Proxima is a predictive consumer intelligence platform.

Our AI Audiences product uses machine learning and millions of commerce insights to build custom lookalike audiences for paid social that maximize advertising performance so you can scale profitably.

I already use Meta Advantage+. Why should I use Proxima's AI Audiences?

Many of our customers use both! Meta launched Advantage+ as a response to the reduced performance brands saw on their campaigns following iOS 14.5, however, it’s a broad targeting solution that doesn’t give you many ways to customize. You are reliant on constant creative iteration and are at the whims of Meta's black box algorithm. Plus, depending on your configuration, Advantage+ will still include a number of existing customers.

Proxima's AI Audiences can be used to leverage exclusively new individuals. With AI Audiences, you have full control over how your audiences are built so you can experiment and find what works best.

Does Proxima offer a free trial?

Yes! We offer a free 30-day trial.

You can run ads against our AI Audiences for a full month, risk-free, and no credit card required at signup.

Consider it like an A/B test. If it works, great. If not, you learned something.

What are the requirements to use Proxima?

While not required, Proxima is built to perform best with Shopify stores.

Which ad platforms work with Proxima?

Proxima Audiences are currently available for Meta. Early access to TikTok and Google audiences available upon request.

More platforms will be supported in the near future.

How soon will I see results?

You can expect to see results within 30 days of using Proxima's audiences on your prospecting campaigns.

How do I get started?

Setup takes less than 5 minutes. All you'll need to do is sync your Proxima account with your Facebook ad account and Shopify store (if applicable).

Generate your first set of AI Audiences in the Proxima dashboard and we'll deliver them directly to your ad account.

What type of data does Proxima use?

Proxima securely leverages a combination of your store’s first-party data and our ever-expanding first-party data pool of 60M+ shoppers to identify key purchase intent signals and build custom audiences for your prospecting campaigns.

Will my existing customers be included in the audiences?

No, Proxima's technology is designed to focus on new customer acquisition and will exclude your existing customers from the audiences generated.