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How Apt2B scaled ad spend by 3x while lowering CPAs


higher ROAS


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Learn how online furniture brand Apt2B tripled their Facebook ad spend while cutting CPAs in half



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Founded in 2010, Apt2B is no stranger to the dynamic landscape of home furniture. Its wide variety of made-to-order sofas is designed to fit in any home, from sprawling open floor plans to the railroad apartments any city dweller knows all too well. Their direct-to-consumer model allows them to offer high-quality, built-to-last pieces at a price rooted firmly in reality. Their array of customization options mean you’re getting a couch quite literally built for your home and your lifestyle.


In today's market, customer acquisition is one of the biggest pain points for most DTC businesses. Especially when you're selling $2,000+ couches on the internet. Strategically placing their ads in front of people who are actually likely to buy was critical to lowering their costs, but their Facebook advertising felt like a shot in the dark. Apt2B had been shelling out a couple thousand dollars a month and shuffling between a handful of agencies to try to improve the brand’s performance on social media.

With Apple's privacy rollouts, things went from bad to worse. Advertising costs climbed and ad attribution had become even more complex. It was critical for Apt2B to find a solution to their paid media woes.

"In the post-iOS14 world, we had lost confidence in Facebook. But through Proxima’s audience targeting technology, we were able to generate more revenue on less spend! While other businesses have looked elsewhere for advertising solutions, we're seizing the opportunity and are investing more in the Facebook platform."

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Alex Back

COO @ Apt2B


Apt2B needed a way to find more buyers while lowering acquisitions costs. That's where Proxima comes in. With Proxima, Apt2B leverages machine learning to create custom, high-intent audiences that maximize reach and help drive conversions.

12 months ago, Apt2B implemented Proxima’s AI and hasn’t looked back. Proxima’s audiences have consistently outperformed all of the brand’s third-party and Facebook-generated audiences. Apt2B has tripled their Facebook and Instagram marketing spend while reducing CPAs by 11%. They generated 4x more revenue through Proxima’s audiences than if they had put those ad dollars into their other audience targeting strategies. "The new performance achieved was so cost-effective at scale that our team had to triple-check the results," said Alex Back, COO of Apt2B.

Performance that lasts

Within the first three months working together, Apt2B saw results that blew all their other strategies out of the water. They generated over $700k of revenue with just $60k spend. That's an 11.5x ROAS in comparison to a 5.2x ROAS from their in-house prospecting efforts. Proxima improved performance by 119% in just 90 days.

Those outstanding results stood the test of time. Over the past 12 months with Proxima, Apt2B has improved their targeting and discovered a way to reliably put their ads in front of engaged shoppers more likely to purchase and purchase more. They’ve seen an average of 21% higher ROAS, 57% higher conversion rates, and 107% higher AOV. Proxima has unlocked for Apt2B a paid marketing strategy that lasts, scales, and outperforms.

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