Facebook ads analysis: pre-holiday vs. holiday 2022

April 12, 2023
Clint Ross

In today’s roundup we’re diving into Meta advertising data from 100+ eCom brands in our network.

We’re comparing pre-holiday ad performance (September and October) to holiday ad performance (November and December) broken down across 4 brand categories.

We dug into the advertising activity across our brand network to see what patterns, anomalies, or learnings we could uncover. This is account-wide Ads Manager data, inclusive of all campaigns running at the time.

Today, we’re comparing the change in ad performance from Sep-Oct to Nov-Dec:

🧦 Apparel & Accessories

Ad Spend: +13.73%

ROAS: +26.75%

CPA: -18.08%

AOV: +4.00%

CTR: +9.21%

CPM: -0.77%

💄 Beauty

Ad Spend: +86.74%

ROAS: +25.15%

CPA: -2.03%

AOV: +22.48%

CTR: -7.14%

CPM: +13.46%

🥬 Health & Wellness

Ad Spend: -13.02%

ROAS: +32.00%

CPA: -9.73%

AOV: +18.44%

CTR: -0.90%

CPM: +10.28%

🏡 Home

Ad Spend: +18.51%

ROAS: +7.94%

CPA: -13.83%

AOV: -7.01%

CTR: +12.50%

CPM: +6.74%

And remember, every business is different. We provide these numbers to see if they align with what you’re seeing in your campaigns, hopefully helping you make more informed ad buying decisions.

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